Character Creation Tips

After your concept is firmly in mind, you can develop the character and write the biography.

"Wait!" you say. "Biography?" you ask. Yes! The more the better. Is your character a hundred year old Kindred? Have you written a 15 page biography that covers everything from their favorite pet when he was a mortal 7 year old, all the way up to what clothing they bought just before coming to the city? AWESOME!
Is he a mortal that is barely scraping by, but does so willingly, and you take as many pages to explain their self-sacrifice? Fantastic!
These details will help the STs come up with stories, hooks, bonuses or secret information that character might have. Good writing is realistic to the archetype and concept of your character, and not just thinly disguised min-maxing or god-moding efforts. We want to work with players to make well thought out characters, and robust biographies will help you understand your character’s personality on day one.

When you start filling in dots, please start with the backgrounds! Some of them have wide ranges of interpretation, and the STs would like to talk with you about what backgrounds you’d like to pick before you finalize your sheet, as sometimes backgrounds influence what other dots you may pick.

Take a look over the House Rules. Items there might impact the way you want to spend your points.

We use Secondary Abilities (with the plethora of supplement books out there, why wouldn’t you?) and so that might be worth a look when you set up your character. Secondary Abilities have prerequisites associated with them, usually 3 dots in a "parent" skill. There are many, many Secondary Abilities out there (especially in the Player Guides). The benefits of these? The base difficulty is 4, instead of 6! There is a link to a resource for them further down.

There is nothing wrong with having a character that is ‘heavy’ in particular skill branches (combat, manipulation, hacking, etc.). We do encourage you to put a little in some other dots that fit the character, as it helps us work on Story Lines for them, and raises the chances of them being involved in a wider range of events! It also helps with challenges IC, if your character is a combat expert, with average intelligence, and little in the way of knowledges, he shouldn’t be adeptly conversing about macro-economics, or the vectors of mutated virology. You’ll see extended comments on this in the “Role play vs Roll play” section under House Rules.

Character Creation Rules (about time, right?)

The good news is, with few exceptions, we beleive that if it's in the book (in the realm of a player character), then you can build it! Here are some quick reminders on some book items that people sometimes forget, along with our modifications.

1. You can only buy up to the 3rd dot in an Ability with starting points. 4th and 5th dots require Freebie or XP spends.

2. Don't forget to Specialize on that 4th or 5th dot! It's Free! Why wouldn't you?! You get only one Specialization per Ability.

3. You get 21 Freebies to start, instead of the normal 15.

4. Don't forget to think about equipment/possessions, and if your character has the Backgrounds to support acquiring them.

5. Think about (and document in the Bio) motivations -- it gives your character direction while they get to know the other characters and find or are pulled into Storylines. Are they after money? Are they chasing Golconda? Are they wondering if they can get away with Diablerie? Do they have a grudge against an NPC (secret or not)? Do they want to overthrow the Prince and make it an Anarch (or Sabbat!) city? Are they just trying to live a peaceful life? (this is possible, good for players looking for something a little more laid back and mostly social).

How do I submit a sheet? What do I use? (and why does this seem familar?)
We used to use one of the really well done Char sheet generators. Sadly, it's now obsolete. We are moving to the impressively well done Mr. Gone sheets.
Mr. Gone also has a Patreon! Please support him. If none of these sheets fit your character, please talk to the STs!

Character Creation Resources

There are books, and books, and books filled with great ideas and resources - bloodlines, clans, merits, flaws, equipment, you name it. To help make things a little faster/easier for people, especially new players, or players new to Revised. This list will gradually grow to include resources to great pages to help centralize some of these things.

Specialities (even has some that aren't in the core)
Secondary Abilities

Freebie and Experience Point costs!

Freebies Point Costs


5 Points Per Dot


2 Points Per Dot


7 Points Per Dot


1 Point Per Dot


1 Point Per Dot


2 Points Per Dot


1 Point Per Dot

Experience Point Costs


Current Rating x 4


Current Rating x 2

New Ability

3 Points

New Thaumaturgy Path

7 Points

Thaumaturgy Path

Current Rating x 4

Clan Discipline*

Current Rating x 5

Other Discipline*

Current Level x 7

New Discipline

10 Points


Current Level x 2


Current Rating


Current Rating x 2