The Ace of Spades

Club Exterior

Dance floor
The dance floor in the main part of the club

The building was constructed in the early 1900's. It was originally a nightclub and restaurant with apartments or offices on the second and third floor. When Prohibition hit it stayed a restaurant on the main floor with a speakeasy on the second floor. The front door is ornate and brass handled, the exterior still holds elements of it's Art Deco influences.

As the years went by, the building saw a number of different businesses come and go, a bank, a retail location, even a grocery store. It changed with the neighborhood. Talk in the neighborhood says that the upper floors had to convert to office space... the people that lived in the apartments said there were ghosts. Maybe victims of mob violence or police raids from it's earlier days.

The main part of club has been modernized. It primarily plays house/techno music, with some slight variations to the theme on any given night. Waitresses move around the club with shooter trays, glow-sticks and drinks. The bar is extensive, and carries a much wider selection of spirits, wine and champagne than any typical club. A near permanent fixture behind the bar is Warner, an exceptionally skilled bartender who manages the drinks and waitresses with friendly efficiency.

There is another door on the center-opposite wall from the bar. A slightly larger than normal, ornate and heavy looking wooden door. A brass plaque with 'MEMBERS ONLY' engraved into it is affixed to the wall beside the door. This door is perpetually locked, and remotely controlled. Anyone who asks how they become members is usually told "If you have to ask..."

Members Only


A view of the Members Only area.

Elysium Sideroom
The side room.

Members only is a more ‘classy’ area of the club. Dark wood, soft lighting, checkered marble floors. The chairs and booths are all plush. In step with this decorating scheme, a side room has a finely crafted pool table, another has additional seating. The bar in this private area has a more decorative liquor display; mirrored and lit shelves, with chrome tints and lighting coming from under the bar, giving the liquids in the bottles a surreal glow. There is a single heavy looking oak door in the ‘members only’ section that presumably leads to the office, although no one has ever been seen using that door.