The Caves

A cave entrance

Cave paths

Cave paths

entrace to an antechamber

A main chamber

Altars and antechambers

Cave natural fountain

Strange moon/sunlight refracting through crystals

The caves that dot around the city are numerous and unique. Composed of sandstone, limestone, and granite, Some are small, barely coves. Some are single tunnels of different depths. Others are a labyrinth, twisting, forking, doubling back on themselves or ending in grand chambers.

Some of these tunnels are not all natural. There are some tunnels in these caves systems that are manmade, and some of the antechambers appear to be at least refined by human hands. Some of these have altars that have been carved out of the natural stone formations. Small alcoves cut into the walls for candles and small torches, even figures... perhaps representations of deities, carved into the stone as well.

A few of the natural caves have unusual properties. In one, the stalactites create melodious notes when struck. Another cave system has a breach through the ground, and sunlight or moonlight can come through, hitting a deposit of crystal, casting colors along the walls that evoke a variety of moods.

These caves is where the city gained it's name, from a misunderstanding with the Native Americans. Some caves have been explored well over a century ago, others were hotly defended from being explored by the Natives. There are Native American paintings that adorn some of the walls and chambers. Scenes of hunting, and of tribes being preyed upon by monsters. Since then, explorations have been done that turned up unique anthropologic curiousities, combinations the paintings, the carving, and even pottery found in the caves that seemed to be out of place and time. Cultural contamination was blamed, and research trickled to a stop.

After sporadic, confirmed, cases of death and disappearces with the caves, some of them have been fenced and locked off.

Short video of one of the caves