Elysium restoration

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Elysium restoration

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(( OOC: I thought I had done a post about the partial restoration of the asylum to make it more habitable... but ... I didn't? Sooo.... longer post))

The Prince haggled, bribed, cajoled, blackmailed, quid-pro-quo'd, and probably used Dominate to have The Asylum restored at partial expense to him and other private donators. This was done to make it more habitable for the Kindred using it as Elysium, improve security, and keep Kine from asking too many questions; such as 'why is there power running to a location that has been shuttered for decades?'

The main meeting room for Elysium is still on the second floor in one of the larger rooms; once likely a 'common room' for patients or staff. There are two entrances, one from the south and one from the east. The door to the east is an emergency exit and will only open from the inside and swings inwards. This is a precaution if attackers were sneaky enough to get that close without being detected, barring the door wouldn't be effective.

Instead of folding chairs, cheap plastic chairs, and folding tables there is decent furniture now. One of the nicer tables is against the north wall, with a very nice executive chair behind it. A placard on the table simply reads 'reserved'. The other tables are higher-end restaurant quality "four-tops" with folding wings to turn it into a 6+ top, with nice Herman Miller Aeron chairs.

In the southwest corner is table with a commercial K-cup machine (hooked to a water feed), disposable cups, a variety of k-cups, and a cold water dispenser.

The shutters on the windows of Elysium are also mounted on the inside and open inward. There is a rolled up emergency rope ladder in Elysium as well as one in every large room from the second+ story. The building's fire suppression system is also "up to code" (and then some).

The 4th and 5th stories are mostly mechanical rooms, including machinery for the freight elevator (5th story).

All of the rooms have been restored in accordance with the restoration plans filed quietly to check the box of historical site. This means the building does have a number of functional "patient rooms", and slightly larger rooms that are empty of furniture; likely once used for medical procedures or electro-shock. The typical emergency lighting (during power outages) found in most hospitals and commercial buildings is installed.

There is a freight elevator in the building. At each hallway junction is a 'corner peek' mirror, originally used to make sure staff wouldn't round a corner quickly and head-on into someone else. These mirrors now serve to help ensure there aren't lurkers.

A 10 foot tall cyclone fence with razor wire is set out at the property line. The front gate has a guard house with a 'rent-a-cop' on duty at all times. Though they won't stop anyone from coming in at night, they will vigilantly keep people off the property during the day. They also see to it that the exterior entrances are locked at dawn, and unlocked as sunset.

The only apparent security cameras are positioned to monitoring the fence line, keeping the street, building entrances, and gate entrance out of view (for those nosy enough to peek around the security guard station).
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