Put up a picture and bio of your character here! It's recommended you only post what could be easily discovered. Height, hair, eyes, etc., observable behavior. Leave some intrigue for RP!
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Name: Lily Bennett
Apparent Age: Late 20's – early 30's
Height: 5'9”
Build: Slim
Hair: Golden-ash blonde / sometimes dyed
Eyes: Brown
Nationality: American
Accent: Average American with nuances of West Coast and the occasional “y'all” thrown in the mix

Quote: "Open your eyes, look within. Are you satisfied with the life you're living?" - Bob Marley

Theme song ((OOC)): Holding Out For A Hero - Adam Lambert

Current song IC: Underdog - Alicia Keys

Though she is not a native, Lily feels at home in Cacibajagua. She is known for her typically cheerful and friendly disposition, which has been an asset when she used to wait tables at the Ace of Spades and now when she performs piano gigs.

Lily likes people and people seem to like her. She enjoys spending time with her friends. Some of which are close enough to her to be like family. She's been known to have fun dancing the night away at the Ace or hang out at the local karaoke bar. There are occasions where she's been seen working on her skills learning to ride her motorcycle.

Whatever Lily does, she does her best to be open to the experience, to not let the weight of the world bring her down or for it not ignite that side of her which is protective of innocents who cannot protect themselves.

Known vehicles:
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