Vital Stats
Name: Dr. Maybelline M Mayberry, a.k.a. “Mab”
Hair Color: Black
Eyes: Heterochromatic
Height: 5'3"
Age: Early 30s
Nationality: Icelandic-American
Quote: I can never get anything done at the hospital, with all their ‘oaths’ and ‘laws’ and ‘ethics’.

The good Doctor Mayberry runs an overnight clinic where she performs general family practice and brain surgery, along with most things in between. She seems to have been in business long before she came to Cacibajagua, but has little to say about her previous experiences. Despite a cold outlook on reality, she displays a friendly and vibrant personality, and seems to truly care about helping people. Mab is known to be able to cure or cause any problem, medical or otherwise.

Mab’s clinic borders the south edge of the city; the street it is on is clean, safe, and family-friendly, but the street behind it is a stark contrast; the ‘bad part’ of town. Mab can also be found working at the hospital occasionally, doing rounds or performing surgery.