Vital Stats
Hair Color:Black
Eye Color:Blue
Age:Late 20's
Theme Song (OOC)Muse - Uprising
Quote:"Be who you gotta be, but don't fuck with other peoples lives unless they fuck with yours first."

The antithetical rich kid, he seems to be anti-astablishment and anti-authority. Having turned away from Manhattan and all the finer things in life because his parents were "Stuffy assholes" he began hanging with his friends in Brooklyn, his height and physique certainly earned him a lot of respect, friends, and even enemies.
He spent a lot of time in California, NYC, Arizona, and of course Florida.
He now resides somewhere in or near Cacibajagua and is close friends with Trinten, painting a distorted reflection of Gregory Sween and his bodyguard, Wallace Archer.
If one asks around enough, they'll dig up the name Quentin Davenport III. It's not recommended to call him that.